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To impact this generation with the love of Christ to perpetually impact future generations


The mission of the church is to fulfill the vision by simultaneously focusing on 3 core directives that will accommodate the current need of the local church in our community. The local church is the answer to every need of every person because Christ is the foundation of everything that we are. First, we impact people personally and raise up disciples to disciple others. As disciples, we impact our community by bringing the love of God to those who haven't decided to walk into a church. As we grow together and systematically reach our community, we impact the culture through the growing integration of authentic believers.


Nurture peoples faith on an a personal level in order to develop healthy relationships with Christ as every person in the church at any level is called first and foremost to be be disciples of Christ.


Proactively and systematically evangelize according to the specific needs of our community and attract people who are apprehensive, skeptical, or misinformed of Christ.


Naturally influence a Standard of godliness in our community that will captivate our culture through the growing integration of authentic believers who attract people to faith.

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