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Marcal and Krystal DaCunha Family

​Marcal and Krystal have been married for 6 years and have two children, Caleb who is 5 and Eliana who is 2. They met 9 years ago when Marçal began an internship at Middletown Assembly of God. Since Krystal was already fully involved in ministry at Middletown Assembly of God, Marcal spent most of his internship working closely with her. She challenged his ideas, theology and even his fashion sense. He challenged her ideas, her photoshop skills and her taste in music. 


They bonded over their love for God, ministry and the guitar.  In fact, they spent almost everyday of Marcal's internship practicing worship songs, working on new projects and planning community events that would benefit their church.


That summer internship they found friendship but also fell in love. They eventually started dating with the blessing of Pastor Dan, Krystal's father, who was eager for them to wed and give him grandchildren. 


Their love is real, but so are the challenges that came their way. They thank God for the work he's been doing in their lives that has made their marriage strong.  They are growing together and learning how to be good parents to two young energetic children.  They hope to bless other couples who are seeking God and seeking love in their marriage and in their family.



Eddie and Lisa Cedeno have been married for 21 years. They have been together for almost 24 years. They have 2 Beautiful children, Brandon who is 19, and Olivia who is 11.  Eddie and Lisa are both Youth Leaders at Middletown Assemblies of God.

Eddie went through a difficult divorce and did not want to be in a relationship again, but then he met Lisa. They have dealt with a lot of struggles in their life, mostly Eddie. He had several addictions to overcome and the struggles of his childhood and upbringing by a single mother who tried her best to raise him. Lisa also had to deal with her family and their disapproval of Eddie. Lisa was the tool God used to help Eddie find his place in life and her own happiness in the process.

Their story is one of dealing with life's struggles with God’s guidance. They have a great relationship and get to enjoy life and have overcome.

They now want to help other couples who might be going through similar struggles and share what they've been through and how God has helped them.

Eddie and Lisa Cedeno Family


Miguel and Yvette Mendez

Miguel and Yvette have been married for 13 years and they have two children, Justin who is 10 and Steven who is 9. Miguel also has three adult children Miguel III who is 40, Derrick who is 38 and Paul who is 30.


They met twenty years ago at a mutual place of employment. After seven years in and out of separate relationships, they began dating. Although they agreed upon not getting serious with one another, God had other plans. Their friendship flourished and four months later they were engaged to be married. Yvette fell in love with Miguel's quick wit, sense of humor and his even-handed way of handling stressful situations. Miguel was fascinated with her intelligence, compassion and generosity.


The first few years of their marriage were wedded bliss. Over the course of time they faced adversity such as illness, alcoholism and mental health issues which were compounded by the baggage from their previous marriages. So overwhelming were the issues that they found themselves on the verge of divorce. It was then that God intervened. 


God used a family member's death to touch them both individually and He restored them and their marriage. With guidance from the Lord they work daily on their marriage and overcoming the circumstances of life, which include dealing with variety of challenges, such as the special needs of their children who are challenged by Epilepsy, Anxiety, and Attention Deficit. 


Miguel and Yvette are passionate about serving God, their family, the Church, and are looking forward to this new opportunity to serve as a couple by coming alongside other couples and sharing God, love and life.


Thank you for the opportunity to Serve....



Miguel and Lorraine have been married for 29 years and have two children, Cristina who is 21 and Justin who is 16. They met 40 years ago when Miguel moved into the same building where Lorraine lived. Their mothers became good friends which led to the families becoming very close. Lorraine developed a childhood crush on Miguel. However, he had no idea. Talk about opposites attracting, Miguel was an athlete and Lorraine did not care for sports at all.  Today Miguel still thinks he’s an athlete and Lorraine is still not interested in sports.


It had been several years since they had been around each other and Miguel was out with friends when he noticed this young lady walking across the street. Fate had him sprint towards this young lady that he just had to introduce himself to! Moments before he had attempted to swoon her with a corny pick-up line, he realized that this was Lorraine the little girl that he taunted all of the time.  That summer they started to spend more time together and eventually a relationship flourished. They went from not seeing each other for years to spending everyday together, taking walks and spending time at the local library. This did not sit well with Lorraine’s family. They did not like the idea of her dating Miguel. Gladly, as time passed, they eventually warmed up to him. They dated for five years and had to deal with several issues that posed threats to their relationship. Thankfully they strengthened their relationship got married.  Being a young couple they faced many challenges but with love, patience and perseverance twenty nine years later their marriage remains strong.

They became members of Middletown Assembly of God in 2016 and started their joint journey with Christ. They thank God each and every day for continuing to bless their marriage and guiding them in their relationship.. They are growing together in their faith and are looking forward to enriching and supporting other couples in faith and their relationship with God.

Miguel and Lorraine Abreu

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